Rust stains on the balcony, how to remove them: 1 drop and you have solved the problem

Finding rust stains on the balcony of the house always creates a little concern because rust has a natural tendency to corrode metals if not taken action immediately.

Let’s see how we can intervene and if we have natural products available.

How rust occurs
Rust is quite common on many of our items that are outside our house, as well as on the balcony.
In fact, it can appear on parts of our car, on some metal chairs, on the rake and even on the bicycle.

Traces of rust can form on all of these things, it’s quite common, but why does this happen? Rust is caused by oxidation, when iron reacts with oxygen and water, the first signs of rust appear.
Water can speed up this process because it introduces more oxygen into the iron, which absorbs it as the iron contained in the material of the balcony.

The three elements that cause rust on any surface are: iron, water and oxygen. Since two of them occur naturally outdoors and our balcony is made of iron, rust easily occurs in this way.

Although rust is unsightly, it is difficult to deal with. There are a few simple steps you can take to remove it. You will read some of these steps below.

Use rust preventative
The first thing many people do is use a rust remover, there are many on the market and they work pretty well.
Simply apply a small amount of the product to the rusted area and then scrub.
In some cases the product may need to stay in place all night, in other cases you can Fix the problem immediately.

Although these formulas are often effective to use, they can be full of harmful chemicals, so wear gloves and keep the solution away from children and pets.
However, there are safe and natural ones Alternatives you can use.
Rust stains on the balcony, lemon juice and salt
It can be used to remove rust stains on the balcony by using a natural solution how lemon juice is made. In fact, the acidity of the lemon has the power to separate iron and oxygen from each other, and in the end we have a shiny balcony again.

To do this job, you need to pour coarse salt on the rust stain and then pour lemon juice on it. In this way the salt provides a detergent power, after a few minutes we can rub it and make the stain disappear.
If the stain is superficial, half a lemon is enough to go straight to the trace of rust rub, almost like with a sponge. For more stubborn marks, you can leave the salt and lemon on for a few hours before rubbing.

Iron railings very often rust because iron tends to rust over time due to contact with water. The problem can be solved by using half a raw potato.

After rubbing on the railing, you need to leave it for a few hours. Finally we have to rinse with hot water. The railing can be prevented by oiling it.

White vinegar for rust stains on the balcony
Even white vinegar is a natural product whose abilities are recognized both in cleaning and in descaling some surfaces, for example lime.< /span>
For the problem of rust stains on the balcony, all you need to do is moisten a cloth with vinegar and place it on the rust stain you want to remove.

After we bandage for half an hour, the soaked rag must rinse the surface with water and finally rub the stain. Because of vinegar’s abilities, this solution is perfect for stains on floors.