Salt in the freezer, surprising why so many leave it there

Here’s why you should always put salt inside your freezer. It’s a truly amazing way to solve two problems.

Salt in the freezer

Let’s discover together what are the benefits of salt inside your freezer. You won’t believe what it can do. You will finally be able to keep fresh food intact inside your appliance for a long time.

How to Make Food Last in the Freezer

Many people complain that their food, especially fresh food, doesn’t last long in their freezer or refrigerator. This can be due to several reasons.

One of them could be temperature regulation: keeping the refrigerator at a temperature of about 4°C helps to avoid bacterial growth and loss of food freshness.

Refrigerator and freezer

It is also essential to store food in airtight containers or food bags, which help prevent moisture loss and air ingress. Organizing food according to expiration date and placing fresh produce at the bottom of shelves to avoid contamination with older food is also a key practice.

Avoid stacking food and leave enough space around each food item to allow for good air circulation. And also clean the refrigerator regularly, especially the shelves and doors, to remove any food debris that may cause odors.

By following these tips you can keep food fresher for longer and avoid food waste. However, there is a trick that can definitely solve these problems we just mentioned.

All you have to do is use a little bit of classic table salt and you’ll save all the money you’d waste throwing away freshly bought vegetables. Here’s this amazing trick that will help you improve the way you store produce.

That’s why we salt it

Putting salt in the freezer is a fundamental practice that comes with a number of benefits. Specifically, salt can attract moisture, which can help keep vegetables fresher and make them last longer.

Salt can also help prevent the formation of molds, mildew and bacteria on fruits and vegetables, which could cause them to spoil or spoil prematurely. In addition, salt can also attract odors in the refrigerator. This can prevent the transfer of these odors to nearby foods, which would spoil their flavor and aroma.


All you have to do is pour a few tablespoons of salt in a container and leave it inside the freezer or fridge, in the part that interests you the most, because maybe that’s where you keep the vegetables.

Let the salt work its magic to help you overcome the classic problems inside your freezer. Just wait hours or days to see the first benefits, after which we are sure you will never again abandon this truly miraculous trick for some.