Salt on the broom, put it on before you start cleaning: better than a floor detergent

Probably no one has ever tried to put salt on the broom, reading it gives a strange, astounding and strange effect, however it is good to know that it serves to thoroughly clean and sanitize not only the broom but also the house.

If you put salt on the broom,  it not only remains 100% clean and sanitized, but it allows you  to clean the rooms in your home better. 

It is  an old grandmother’s remedy,  which allows you to sanitize every corner of the house without having to use detergents and products of any kind, which often cost a lot and are of little use.

How to clean your broom and your house with salt

To do this  you only need a solution composed of water, salt and vinegar  , which is practically miraculous. So, before starting to clean, you take an empty bucket, the broom, whether clean or new, pour the water, salt and vinegar into it. At this point, the broom is dipped directly into the bucket.

It should be left in the water for 10-15 minutes. Then you can use it however you want. Many people  use it to clean the floor,  which is practically like new.

The broom to clean the shower.

The hard bristles of the broom provide support, because  unlike the classic cloth  used to wash floors, they are hard and manage to scrape off dirt.

Others use it to  remove stains and scale from the shower tray. Others are used to deeply clean the upper parts of the furniture, for example the closet, where it is difficult to reach. In short, it is an old grandmother’s remedy that comes in handy in a thousand ways and is perfect for all home cleaning.

Why use salt and vinegar for home cleaning

Many will wonder  why use salt and vinegar to clean the house and  in particular the floor. Not many people know that  salt is purifying,  combined with vinegar it degreases and cleans naturally and deeply. In addition, both are natural products that are not harmful to health, which can also be used in the presence of animals or children, unlike some detergents that are harmful.

Together  they have a great whitening effect,  which kills bacteria and microorganisms, thoroughly sanitizing the rooms of the house.

The thousand uses of vinegar and salt at home

Not in vain has vinegar always been used in cooking, not only to season dishes and improve them even more. In fact, vinegar is the  valid ally of many housewives  who use it to clean the kitchen pantries and to solve everyday problems.

For example,  it is often used to wash, degrease and polish stoves  , sinks with scale, stains, lime, to wash pots and to make everything look new again. Vinegar also works very well in the bathroom. As it is a disinfectant, along with baking soda it is used to  clean the toilet,  the dirtiest point in any home.

Both vinegar and salt can also be used to clean household cutlery, to  dehumidify rooms  . They even act as natural deodorants, to clean gold or metal jewelry at home. Then also to degrease the coffee maker that is often dirty with coffee, soluble coffee barely disappears so  you have to insist on specific products  . Finally, they are also valid against mold and rust.