Say goodbye to bed bugs on your curtains – one spray of this ingredient and they’ll be gone in an instant!

Today I am going to reveal to you the reasons why bed bugs populate curtains. Luckily, you can get rid of them right away with this natural method.

Keep reading and discover what is the definitive remedy that will help you put an end to the invasion of these annoying bugs that usually invade homes.

Why do bed bugs take over your curtains?

Bed bugs are insects that live very comfortably in beds, between sheets, blankets, pillows and edges of the mattress, without forgetting the curtains.

They itch while you sleep, causing hives and allergic reactions. Contrary to what many people think, its presence has nothing to do with dirt.

They can be contracted when spending time outdoors. They can camouflage themselves in your clothes, shoes, bags or suitcases.

Very difficult to eradicate, these insects are really everywhere: between curtains, sheets, blankets, pillows, the edges of mattresses, around the bed, on the box spring and much more.

If the infestation is severe enough, you may find them in drains, couches, chairs, drawer corners, upholstery, or wall decorations. Of course, bed bugs can also invade suitcases, bags, boxes and cracks in the wall.

What attracts bed bugs is the carbon dioxide or CO2 found in your breath and body heat. Like mosquitoes, this parasite is capable of detecting chemicals emitted by humans.

Here is the definitive remedy: a teaspoon is enough

There is a very effective home remedy that can help you get rid of bed bugs forever.

Just mix a little water with a few drops of peppermint oil. Next, spray the mixture on places where bed bugs hide, such as curtains.

Garlic is another very effective remedy, due to its intense aroma, little appreciated by bed bugs. If you can’t stand its strong smell either, I recommend that you simply add a teaspoon of chopped mint to your preparation.

Thanks to its effectiveness, this remedy will help you get rid of bed bugs from your curtains once and for all.

How about?

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