Say goodbye to spiders with this amazing trick! They will run away from your house!

Cleaning the house is a daily task. We tend to clean all visible surfaces and often neglect inaccessible corners. However, these areas are most affected by dust and dirt. In addition, spiders weave their webs in these places to enjoy absolute peace. So what can you do to get rid of those nasty cobwebs?

It is not necessary to invest in expensive products to have a clean house without cobwebs. If you follow the right method and use the right ingredients, you can actually have a clean and spider-free house. Learn all about the “towel on the broom” trick. It’s the perfect way to get rid of cobwebs.

Eliminate cobwebs effectively: Here is the infallible method!

Spiders are one of the small creatures that choose home as a refuge. Although the presence of these animals does not pose any danger, the cobwebs show that cleanliness has been neglected in a certain area.

These are often hard-to-reach corners, such as on the ceiling, behind furniture or under the bed. And if you don’t want this area to grow, you need to act immediately.

To get rid of cobwebs, here is a clever solution that promises incredible results. It’s called the “towel on broom” method. It is a trick that can be very practical to clean the ceiling and get rid of these unwanted insects.

How is it prepared?

  • Take a spray bottle, fill it halfway with water, then add some fabric softener.
  • Next, place a towel over the broom and secure it with clothespins.
  • Then spray the product from the spray can onto the towel and clean the dirty parts of the ceiling. Focus on areas where dust accumulates or are full of cobwebs.
    Using the towel and broom at the same time can make it easier to clean those hard-to-reach corners, like the back of furniture or under the bed. These are places that the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.

Fabric softener is a product that spiders dislike because of its smell. As a result, they will run away from your house forever. So you don’t have to worry about cobwebs anymore.