Say goodbye to the smell of sewer in the bathroom thanks to this method

Clean toilet

With this technique the smell of sewage will only be a pale memory

Bathroom, kitchen, washing machine: the smell of sewage can come from anywhere. If you have some experience with household chores, you will already know how difficult it is to remove it. And then you intend to buy the latest product put on the shelves by companies. Attracted by the captivating advertising, you are confident in obtaining the promised results.

Too bad this isn’t the case. We don’t like to be spoilsports of the situation either, yet producers are almost never completely sincere. Additionally, laboratory compounds tend to contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to both your health and the environment.

Say goodbye to sewer smell with this method

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, try to be critical. He dusts off some real tricks, the ones your grandmother also adopted. Although they had fewer resources at their disposal, our ancestors had an edge. And do you know why? The secret to success depended on the ability to think outside the box. If a technique worked, then you were sure it would become popular. Here are some pretty good tricks capable of resolving any type of inconvenience.

Toilet paper on the toilet

The first consists of sodium bicarbonate . Useful on countless occasions, it is organic and easy to find. Pour a couple of spoonfuls into the affected drains in the evening. When you wake up, a wonderful surprise awaits you: pour a bucket of boiling water and the smell of sewage will be only a pale memory. Alternatively, citric acid is equally valid in this type of operation. All you need is a spoonful.

Marseille soap can provide just as much satisfaction. Dissolve some flakes in a bucket of hot water and pour it into the affected drains.


Lemon slices are also good : place them on the pipes, pour over a bucket of hot water: mission accomplished!

Fine table salt is also excellent . Spread a spoonful of it in the waste pipes (three for toilets). And spend an entire night here too. The next morning pour a bucket of water.

To conclude, white vinegar is an excellent ally . Use two tablespoons and apply the method described above. Repeat this if the sewer smell is persistent.