Scratches on home furniture, the age-old secret to removing them immediately: they become new again

If you have scratches on the furniture in your home, don’t worry because we have the solution to make it as good as new. With this ancient mystery you will solve it.

Scratches on wood

Wood is a very beautiful but also very delicate material . In fact, both floors and furniture can be damaged and scratched. However, you don’t have to worry about this last problem because there is an age-old secret that can make it disappear in minutes with a natural product.

Using natural products  to treat wood is the right choice and the best method to feed, clean, polish and treat wooden furniture and floors. It is important to take these steps often to keep the furniture alive and prevent it from aging. However, today we will not see how to treat it, but how to solve a very common problem.

Scratches on furniture in the house

After years, scratches can occur on the wooden furniture in your home and for this reason we would like to  give you a super affordable solution that can be tried out very quickly . However, we recommend that you try any method on a hidden part of the furniture first. Further down, in the next paragraph, we will see how to do it.

The solution to scratches on home furniture lies in the kitchen

As we said, there is a solution to treat scratches on furniture and it is a natural product that you surely already have at home and that you do not need to buy. We’re talking about coffee and especially coffee grounds. This is one of the oldest and most respected remedies for this common problem.

Coffee grounds are used for various problems and often help solve household inconveniences, just like in this case. Place the coffee grounds in a bowl and moisten them with water to create a mixture that is not too runny . Then go to Mobile.

coffee grounds

At this point, using a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water, wipe the mixture over the scratches , perhaps from the sides or the less visible points, to ensure that the method does not ruin your furniture. Every piece of furniture and material is different, so it’s best to make sure this way. However, there are also other solutions that we see below.

Workarounds for removing marks from furniture

As we said, coffee grounds are a very effective old method, but there are other solutions to remove scratches from wooden furniture. Below we will look at some methods you can consider. Here you are:

  • Linseed oil : This is used to nourish the wood but is also useful for scratches. In particular, choose boiled linseed oil, which creates a patina that not only removes but also prevents scratches. Simply spread it out with a small brush or microfiber cloth and wait for it to dry. Then wipe with a dry cotton cloth.
Alternative solutions for scratches on furniture
  • Walnuts : This fruit is very effective. Simply remove the outer cover and rub the nut onto the scratch. However, remember that it will take some time for it to disappear.

Finally, we mention  olive oil : this ingredient eliminates scratches but at the same time moisturizes and restores the shine of the furniture. Just take a cotton swab and moisten it with oil. Run it over the scratches several times until you see that the scratches are gone.