Sharp knives, the old silver paper trick: now they will work much better

how to sharpen knives

Once purchased, sharp knives are very dangerous, by washing them you also run the risk of seriously injuring yourself, causing very deep cuts.

Over time, they gradually lose their effectiveness, because the blade wears out with use after use. Before throwing them away, you should know that there are tricks that allow you to leave knives as  sharp as they were just purchased.

On the other hand, as with everything, this being the era of consumerism, the first thing we think about is throwing everything away and buying again. In reality it is wrong, because everything is recoverable,  it just takes a little ingenuity and patience  to get the best.

This is how knife blades become damaged over time

Knives are essential in the kitchen,  without them you would not be able to cook many dishes  . They are used to cut bread, vegetables, meat, greens and fruits. This means that we use them daily, even several times a day, both to prepare food and to eat, therefore at the table.

Obviously this causes wear and tear  , and over the years or even months  , depending on the use given to it, the blade of the knives becomes completely smooth.

The home remedy to keep knives sharp in a few minutes and safely

There is a remedy that allows you to recover sharp and super sharp knives in a very short time. using only one thing that we all have at home. This is silver paper, which is never missing in kitchen and pantry drawers because  we not only use it to wrap food that we are going to store in the refrigerator or freezer. It is also used to wash, clean and polish cutlery, gold and silver jewelry and, in some cases, also for cooking.

In the case of sharp knives, a blade is enough, which you fold several times until it is small but thick. Next,  take the knives and run them over the paper  making a few upward and then downward motions for several minutes. The movement to be performed is similar to cutting, so the knife must go back and forth over the blade, as if you wanted to cut it in half. Once finished, the knives will be sharp, ready to cut anything with extreme determination, so you will have to be very careful.

The cup of tea is also useful in this regard.

Then there is another trick that does not involve using aluminum foil. In this case, in fact,  you only need a cup of tea or milk.

It is placed face down on the table, because unlike when drinking, now only  the ceramic base is needed to sharpen the knife. Then you run the blade over it, repeatedly, and that’s it. The knife will be practically like new, in a few minutes but above all safely.

How to sharpen your knife using another knife

Finally, here is the classic remedy that everyone has been using for a long time. What follows is the traditional remedy that allows you to sharpen  knives in a few minutes  , without using anything other than knives.

Take  a knife as long as the one you want to sharpen  and rub the blades together. The movement should be made starting from the area near the handle and then going upwards, ascending slowly to sharpen the knife well.