Shiny and streak-free floors, the trick that no one has told you yet

There’s a little-known but foolproof trick for a shiny, streak-free floor. We explain it to you in the following article.

brilliant and streak-free floor

When cleaning the house, it is not difficult to see that  the most problematic and difficult element to clean is the floor. It happens that we spend a lot of time cleaning the house, mopping the floor again and again to eliminate streaks and so on. It’s very frustrating not to be successful, but the problem isn’t us, it’s  the products we use that aren’t the right ones. Every floor requires different products and care as it is the materials of our floors that determine the best cleaning product. The same product cannot be used for marble and wood. However, there is an infallible trick that solves all the problems listed above and  applies to all types of flooring  . Let’s see together what it consists of and what the magical product is.

Clean your floors with this product – you’ll never come back

How often do we have to clean the house after a hard day? It often happens that the only good time to devote to house cleaning is late afternoon or evening. For some types of work, the classic daily distribution of obligations must be undermined. Especially for those who have to dedicate themselves to cleaning after a tiring day,  it is really frustrating not to get a decent result  or one that at least reflects the effort. To solve this problem, we are constantly  searching for the perfect product  and are even willing to pay double in the hope that this latest purchase is the right one. We browse the supermarket shelves and try to understand where the detergent is that we haven’t tested yet and that is talked about a lot on TV. We were happy to spend this money and thought we were taking home a wonderful product. However, our expectations were immediately disappointed. The excellent scent and charming packaging cannot  make up for the poor performance of these products. Sometimes we need to give up the idea that we need to spend more to get the best results. Most of the time we already have the solution at home. In fact, very few people know this trick to clean floors perfectly, a trick that only   requires the use of table salt . You would never have said it, but it’s true. Let’s see together how we can use table salt in our daily cleaning.

Salt for cleaning floors

Table salt and dirty floors: no more streaks

Well, the solution to this problem was already in the pantry of our house. Before explaining how salt is used, we must indicate all its properties to understand the reason for its use. Salt is an excellent cleaning agent,  an effective natural remedy to clean our homes. Cleans, disinfects, combats bad odors and mold formation  . All you need to do is fill a  basin with hot water  and add a few spoonfuls of salt, at least two. Mix until dissolved and continue with normal floor cleaning.

Brilliant floor

To enhance the effect, sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar  can also   be added to the hot water. With the addition of these two products you can say goodbye to stubborn dirt, bad smells, bacteria and especially streaks for good. Try it yourself,  sometimes the best solution is already under our noses. These three ingredients aren’t just great for cleaning floors. They can be used in many other ways and on all surfaces and the result is always the same: cleaning, perfuming and detergent.