Simply throw away old, worn-out lighters – here’s how to bring them back to life

Don’t throw away old, empty lighters. This way you will give them a new life and they can continue to be useful for a long time. This is what you can create.

You probably have old lighters in your house,   whether you are a smoker or not. In fact, these objects are not only useful for people who smoke, because they often have to light the kitchen fire or light candles. In short, you have them at home for any eventuality, even just to illuminate you in case of a power outage.

When they are discharged and become unusable, do not throw them away as they could be useful and help you in many situations. Creative recycling can be done with many objects and among these are also lighters   . Then you can transform them into something new that will surprise you.

old empty lighters

Old, Empty Lighters: Here’s How to Recycle Them

As we said, old and empty lighters can be reused and there are many recycling ideas. For example, they can become pillboxes after being carefully emptied and disinfected   . This is especially useful when you are away from home for a long time and don’t want to take all the boxes with you.

You can also use the empty lighter as a real container and not just for pills. In fact   , you can create kits to take with you and they will be super easy to carry in your pocket   . For example, you can make a mini sewing kit or a survival kit. All you have to do is choose what to put inside.

lighter recycling

In the first case you can use what is essential for a broken button or a small tear and then you will only need some pins, a needle, thread and safety pins. However, in the second case, since it is a survival kit, you can insert bandages, cotton, generic medications for headaches or stomachaches.

However, this is not the only alternative use. In fact you can create trays or candlesticks   . In the first house, it will be enough to combine a large number of lighters with each other, also deciding based on the colors and patterns the effect you want to achieve. Then you will have to join them together with glue.

Ideas to recycle old lighters.

There are many ideas for recycling lighters and these are not the only ones. In reality, there are several and you just need to activate your imagination to create many creative objects. So all you have to do is reuse your lighters with these ideas or any that come to mind   . Try it now.