Smoothing foam in a brush, left by her husband: this is the secret of every housewife

Uses of shaving cream

It can be used in a thousand other ways and is ready to provide great benefits that no one would ever expect.

Shaving foam can be useful both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, as well as in all areas of the house ready to benefit greatly from it.

Shaving foam, the optimal, economical and non-harmful solution for your health

The first step is to steal the foam from your husband , the second is to use it to remove any stain from any surface. Very little is needed to make surfaces shine like new again.

In this case, you can use it to wash the bathtub , without trying too hard and without getting tired as you usually do. The tub collects hair, hair, skin oil, body wash and who knows how many other products that make it greasy  . For this reason, washing and sanitizing it is really difficult, sometimes impossible.

Women normally, in order to obtain at least an acceptable result , are content with purchasing hundreds of products that are actually of little use. The solution is at home, in the skincare and hygiene products cupboard , it is shaving foam.

How to use shaving cream to clean the bathtub

Just take a new, clean broom , spray a lot of shaving foam on its bristles and rub it over the entire surface of the bathtub. You have to rub it for a while, about ten minutes.

Immediately you notice the dirt that disappears and the bathtub that turns white , shiny, shiny. All the dirt residue accumulated over months or years will disappear. This cleaning and hygiene technique must be applied at least once a month , to always obtain a good result, without effort.

Other uses for shaving foam at home

Shaving foam is also capable of removing stains from carpets , towels, tablecloths and also clothing. As for stained clothing, simply take some and spray it on the stain, then let it sit for a few minutes.

Finally we proceed with the usual washing, the result will be perfect, never before achieved in any other way and with the use of who knows how many products designed for it . Alternatively, you can use shaving foam in the kitchen to clean the oven. The remedy is perfect because it allows you to have your home oven like new, including the trays, without effort.

It is necessary to remove the tray and spray the shaving foam, covering it completely. Then you put it back in the oven and turn it on to 50 degrees. Allow about 30 minutes, then turn off the oven, wait for the mold to cool , then clean it by washing off the grease and removing all residue with a cloth clean.

How to use it in the bathroom, on mirrors and faucets

It can also be useful for cleaning taps or preventing mirrors from fogging up . Especially when you shower, the steam fogs up the bathroom mirrors. When you then go on to dry your hair , this becomes a full-blown chore. Until you discover the use and the thousand facets of foam.

To solve the problem once and for all, spread the product and clean with a soft cloth. A kind of transparent film will form, so during a very hot shower, the mirror will remain intact.

Bathroom faucets, on the other hand, immediately become opaque due to splashing water, which never dry out due to a bad habit. There is no point in purchasing who knows what products for hygiene and cleaning the house, none of them have such a powerful action to counteract the lime that dulls the faucets.

So you simply dip a brush into the shaving foam and run it over the entire surface of the faucet . Let it sit for a few minutes and then remove the foam with a soft cloth. The final effect will be unique, incredible, the taps will be shiny and will stay that way for days. Once the effect has disappeared, the operation is repeated a second time.

Obviously, to avoid damaging the faucet, first try spraying it on a small, possibly hidden, part of the faucet to observe the reaction of the material.