Solve these 4 washing machine problems: All you need is a towel

washing machine

The towel trick, for impeccable washing machine and laundry

You understood correctly, just one towel can help you solve 4 problems in the washing machine. Let’s find out how to use it and what problems it can solve. The first useful thing you can do with the towel is to perfume the clothes in the washing machine. This ancient yet effective trick will surprise you. Take a towel, rub it on a block of Marseille soap on both sides and place it in the drum together with the items to be washed.

As you well know, the washing machine is often subject to the formation of limescale. Hard water and mineral deposits damage filters and coil , causing damage to the appliance and limiting its functionality. To overcome this problem, dissolve 150 ml of citric acid in one liter of water . Dip a towel in the solution, put it in the washing machine and run the wash empty.

Precisely because of limescale, humidity and bad odors also accumulate in the washing machine which inevitably end up on the laundry. To avoid this inconvenience, prepare a solution of water and vinegar in equal parts, immerse the towel in the mixture, put it in the washing machine and start the wash empty at high temperatures.

Marseille soap

To prevent wool sweaters from felting during washing , you can wash them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and at low temperatures, excluding the spin cycle. At the end of the wash, wrap the sweaters in one or more towels, applying light pressure. In this way, you will have eliminated all excess water and shortened drying times.