Spray it on the curtains and you will perfume the entire house: even the neighbors will smell it

Thanks to this ingredient, our curtains will give off a fragrance that can be felt even from afar. This is what it is.   When we set foot in our house for the first time, we imagine what it could be like and that is why we try in every way to make it more comfortable and pleasant according to our tastes.

In almost all houses there are also curtains   near   our windows. These are important when it comes to privacy because they tend to hide what you are doing from strangers.

Curtains: here is the ingredient to spray to smell good

In particular, thanks to their thickness, they cover the glass of our windows and therefore those of us who live in the buildings opposite but also passers-by, especially if we live on the ground floors, avoid looking at what is happening in our houses even when someone passed

So in almost every house, but there are also those who do not like to have   curtains   in the house, there are these fabrics near the windows that also act as covers for the sun when it reflects off the televisions or computers.

Normally the   curtain   is chosen according to the furniture and the place where it is installed, starting from the simplest and most neutral white, to colored ones or with animated characters if it is the little ones’ bedroom.

Curtains: This is what to spray on them
 It must be remembered, however, that these should be washed periodically, even though it is one of the most mangy household tasks there can be according to a survey of housewives and single people.

But it is necessary, because the   curtains,   being close to the windows, can absorb humidity and rain in addition to being highly exposed to the sun and therefore retaining humidity.

As a bonus, you will have to wait in the kitchen and in the kitchen, also in the bathroom, absorb all the odeurs and fumées and the peut donc arriver that will degagent a mauvaise odeur and the best time of the laver une fois pour all.

The infallible method that will drive your neighbors crazy

However, there is a method to ensure that the bad smell of our   curtains   is just a distant memory and can remain in our homes for longer without having to wash them periodically.

Just use   baking soda. With just two spoons dissolved in   hot water   and a few drops of   essential oil   of the fragrance that we like the most we will have a natural and very effective product.

By putting it in a   spray bottle,   we will only have to spray it on our curtains and after a few minutes they will not only absorb the substances and therefore be less dirty but will also smell very good.

Curtains: This is what to spray on them

The smell will last a long time on our   curtains   , so much so that it will be noticeable even from afar and our neighbors will ask us what the secret of this delicious aroma is.

This remedy eliminates the musty smell that our   curtains can give off   ; on the contrary, with this method they will give off a pleasant fragrance that will intoxicate the entire room where they are placed.