Step by step how to plant an avocado tree correctly

There is a certain mystery surrounding the correct method for planting the seeds of this rich fruit that we are surely all familiar with. Many of us have tried and failed at this endeavor a few times.

The truth is that there are two methods. A more well-known one, which we are probably all familiar with, and another which is not so popular but which also works. Beyond that, it must be said that  planting avocado seeds is a task that requires a lot of patience. 

Today we decided to share these methods with you so you can try both  and with a little luck (and of course patience) your seeds will germinate and in no time you will have a free avocado. Pay close attention below.

Characteristics of the lawyer

The  avocado  , also known as  “palta”  , is a fruit that grows from the avocado tree originally in  Mexico and Guatemala  . It is known for its unmistakable flavor and the large seed it contains inside.

Nutritionally, it is  a truly healthy food  , loaded with vitamins (C and A), various minerals (iron, potassium, calcium and others) and healthy fats.

Its texture is creamy and certainly unmatched. It can be eaten alone, with lemon, or as part of a more elaborate recipe. One of its most famous versions is the tasty and well-known  guacamole  . The versatility in its use is one of its main characteristics.

How to plant the avocado tree?

Probably all of the above makes many of us want to have our own avocado tree at home. Imagine being able to enjoy all the “avocados” we love and, above all, without paying anything.

Below we explain  two methods by which you can plant avocados. 

Method 1 for Sprouting Avocados

1. Extract the seed from the fruit

The first thing to do is cut the avocado in half and  carefully separate its pit  . Then you need to wash it as best as possible so that there are no remains attached to its surface.

2. Stick chopsticks

For the second step you need  to take 4 toothpicks or “toothpicks” and stick them in the middle of the seed  . When doing this, you need to make sure that they are arranged in an “X”, so that they can serve as support for the next step.

3. Put the seed in water

Find a glass jar that will fit the seed and fill it with water. Then rest  your chopsticks on the edge of the container so that the seed is “suspended” and half submerged  .

4. The eternal wait

This part is sometimes the hardest. The avocado seed takes about 6 weeks to germinate, no less. At this point we just have to wait. 

5. Place it in a jar

Once the sprouted root of the seed reaches about 10 cm, you can take it out of the water  , remove the toothpicks and transfer it to a medium-sized pot with soil.