Stones that attract positive energy into the home, driving away negative energy

Stones have been attributed for centuries the properties of attracting or absorbing positive energies. Below we list the main stones that can attract positive energy into our homes, driving away negative energy.

Agatha . It is very powerful, and can absorb negative energies as well as having a calming action, which improves concentration, gives balance, security and spiritual strength. It is believed that she can ward off fear, protect us from disease and regulate the circulatory system.

Aquamarine . It is a relaxing and purifying stone. Helps fight infections, burns, headaches and spasms.

Aventurine . It is a variety of quartz that calms, gives serenity and balance. It can alleviate nervous diseases, promote prosperity and harmony in homes, and bring harmony in couples.

Quartz crystal . It is one of the most powerful energy generators. Removes energy blocks, driving away negative frequencies.

Onyx . This stone belongs to the mineral kingdom and is made up of silicon. It brings allergy, sympathy and seduction to the person who carries it with them.

Topaz . Each color has positive properties, but in general it is a stone with magnetic fields capable of stimulating creativity and learning.

Gaietto . It is a stone that comes from a tree. It has protective properties and constitutes a barrier against negative energies.

Green tourmaline . It is a stone that has strong vibrations and offers protection. Attracts love to life, abundance, happiness and peace. Green tourmaline can purify energy quickly and effectively, and strengthen the nervous system.

Amethyst . It is a stone associated with power, energy, purity and justice. It offers protection, peace and spirituality. It attracts money and can cure headaches and neuralgia.

Chrysocolla . Associated with femininity, it can regulate hormone levels and protect against venereal diseases. It can combat persistent phobias and nightmares.