Stop buying avocados. Here’s how to grow an avocado tree in a small pot at home

Avocado is one of the recent foundations of modern healthy eating. The delicious bowl of guacamole can be your next favorite snack and is guilt-free thanks to the presence of this healthy fruit.

The numerous benefits of avocados have taken the health-conscious community by storm. This fruit is rich in essential vitamins such as vitamin B5, B6, C, K, E, potassium, etc. Avocados are also an excellent source of fiber and are said to have a heart-healthy fatty acid similar to that found in olive oil.

Due to its versatility in the kitchen, avocados have continued to grow in popularity. They can easily be inserted into all dishes to enrich the color, or to replace a less healthy choice without altering the taste of the meal.

We explain how to grow your own avocados in a few simple steps, without needing a large garden.

1. Sprout the avocado pit

Take the avocado pit and insert three toothpicks into it. Make sure they are positioned approximately in the middle and equally spaced. The toothpicks must be strong and identical, because they will allow you to suspend the stone.

Next, place the avocado pit in a cup of water, so that its round end is submerged in 2cm of water. Use toothpicks as shown in the image above.

Let the pits soak for 2-6 weeks in a warm place out of direct sunlight.

During this time you should see the roots and stem growing. When the stem is 15cm long, cut it to 7cm. Let the roots thicken and the leaves grow.

2. It’s time to plant

Fill a 10-inch diameter pot with nutrient-rich potting soil. Plant the hazelnut in a small hole made in the center of the pot, making sure that its roots are in the soil and that half of the hazelnut is exposed. For good drainage, you can use a clay pot with a hole in the bottom.

Keep the soil moist without oversaturating it by making sure to water your stones generously and regularly. If the leaves begin to yellow or wilt, let the hazelnut dry out for a while, then continue watering in smaller quantities. If the leaves are turning brown and drying out, you are probably not watering your avocado enough. Place the pot in a basin and water it until the basin is full, then leave it that way for at least 1/4 hour, to ensure your plant is completely drained.

3. Enjoy your avocado tree!

You did! Continue watering your avocado tree and you should notice fruit starting to form, although it will take a while.