Stop Buying Garlic: Here’s How to Grow an Endless Supply of Garlic at Home

How to Grow an Endless Amount of Garlic at Home?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have delicious seasoning in a few weeks and a few heads of garlic in a few months.

Step 1.  Buy a head of garlic: Buy a head of garlic from the grocery store or your neighborhood store. Large buds are more suitable for indoor growing.

Step 2.  Fill the clay pot. Fill a large pot with soil enriched for pots: break off the head of the garlic without peeling the cloves.

Step 3.  Place the pot in sunlight: Place it in a place that gets direct sunlight.

Step 4.  Keep your pods moist: Water your pods every few days for the next two weeks, but be careful not to overwater. If the soil feels dry to the touch, water is needed.

Step 5.  Ripe Garlic: Garlic needs three to six months to mature, depending on the variety. You’ll know your garlic is ripe when its flowers start to deteriorate and the top part of the plant turns yellow.

Step 6.  Harvest the Garlic: Harvest the garlic when it is ready. You can start as soon as you see the spots, or wait until you see the blisters, or until the tops of the blisters start to dry out.

Use a fork or scissors to harvest the pods so as not to damage the plant.

Step 7.  Hang the garlic: To store garlic, hang it in a dry, well-ventilated place.