Stop Scrubbing, Here’s How to Clean Encrusted Grills and Hobs Effortlessly

There’s no need to scrub your encrusted grates and cooktops – there’s a much easier way to make them shine again.

Dash pods in the oven
We often make routine cleaning of our home unnecessarily complicated. When it comes to cleaning the oven and all its internal components, panic begins to assail us: food encrustations are everywhere and there are many of them. Removing tartar can be very tricky if you don’t follow a precise method. Scrubbing everything is just a waste of time and energy, especially if the residue is very old. When the encrustations are particularly old, it is as if they are sticking irreversibly.

The oven reaches temperatures so high that it chars food residue, and when that happens, it’s almost impossible to return it. When it comes to cooking grates and griddles, there’s a foolproof method to melt away even the most stubborn dirt. There is no need to scrub for endless minutes and then give up: there is a way that will not require any effort, here’s how to do it.

Encrusted cooking plates and grills: how to clean them?
Despite diligence and consistency in cleaning the house, the formation of dirt and encrustation in the oven is inevitable. The oven is one of those appliances that is impossible to keep clean.

Every time we cook food on it, the grill or pan ends up getting dirty. Immediate intervention is almost impossible: you would have to put your hands and a cloth in a hot oven, which is not really a good idea. You have to wait for the oven to cool, but it will be much too late.

Cleaning cooking plates and cooking grids
With the method that we are going to reveal to you, you will no longer have to worry about residue, because with a simple gesture, they will disappear like magic. The basis of this method is the use of boiling water and the right detergents. The goal is to soften and dissolve any charred encrustations. We explain all the essential steps below.

The most effective method for getting rid of stubborn dirt
As already mentioned, the basis of this method is the use of boiling water and the right detergent to soften and remove the encrustations.

So the first step is to fill the kitchen sink with very boiling water. If your sink is smaller than the pots and racks, you can use the tub. Boil plenty of water and immerse the offending grills and pans in it. Then add two dishwasher tablets, they will automatically melt and release all the product.

Cleaning Hobs and Cooking Racks
The combination of boiling water and dishwasher tablets is foolproof, but the secret is to let them soak for at least three hours straight.

In three hours, the encrustations will soften a lot and practically come off on their own. If you still notice the presence of a particularly resistant residue, simply help yourself with a sponge or steel wool. After rinsing everything, you won’t believe your eyes: with this method you can also give new life to encrusted, old and damaged pans and grills.