Stop Throwing Out Toilet Paper Tubes: Here Are 4 Smart Ways to Use Them

Instead of throwing away toilet paper rolls, you can give them a second life and reuse them. There are a plethora of practical ideas for recycling these empty reels. We’ve got it covered for you.

However, toilet paper rolls, which are thrown away every time they are used, can be reused into something useful. Using it can help improve your cleaning routine.

Why you shouldn’t throw away toilet paper rolls?

Despite the meticulous cleaning of the house, some areas remain difficult to reach. Dirt and dust accumulate there without being able to dislodge them effectively. Therefore, a roll of toilet paper can be of great help when cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the house with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum dust from the carpet
Vacuum dust from the carpet

Although the vacuum cleaner contains a set of nozzles capable of cleaning every corner of the house, these may not be the answer to all our problems. If the toilet paper roll can come to the rescue,   it is because you can give it any shape you want. Since it bends very easily and is malleable, it can easily reach the smallest spaces and the most unreachable corners by acting on them thanks to its sufficiently firm material. Picks up dirt easily.

All you have to do is place the cardboard roll over your vacuum hose and attack any areas you can’t reach, such as window frames, baseboards, air vents, radiators, or the computer keyboard.

Thanks to this trick, you create your own low-cost nozzle, effective on out-of-reach surfaces.

Other surprising uses for a toilet paper roll

This item can also be used in different ways. It just takes a little imagination.

  • Sculpt faces crushed with toilet paper rolls

If you consider yourself an artist at heart and are also a jack of all trades, you can use the toilet paper tube   to model faces with eccentric expressions. A pastime that can be especially enjoyable between parents and children.

  • Make gift bags from toilet paper rolls

If you are short of ideas and want to stimulate your children or students, you can make gift bags with toilet paper tubes. It can be a very interesting activity. The approach is not only playful and creates an atmosphere of sharing at the same time, but also allows you to recycle this object by giving it a second life.

  • Make the toilet paper roll a decorative element

If, for example, you want to celebrate a child’s birthday and want to bring objects to life to create a kind of Christmas scene, tubes could be the solution. Let your imagination fly   and create characters and other concepts. The possibilities are many.