Taps full of lime, this ingredient is more powerful than baking soda: like new

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Limescale forms naturally in even the cleanest homes. But here’s a way to clean your faucets and make them look new again.

Home taps often have scale and this depends on the lime that is present in the water . In fact, limescale is not related to the state of cleanliness, but depends on where you live. In fact, there are more calcareous areas and less calcareous areas. And if there are any in your home, here is a remedy that can help you make the faucets work as if they were new.

Water has certain amounts of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. And depending on the presence of these, it can be soft water, therefore without lime, or hard water, or with lime. When water is hard, the remaining water evaporates, releasing carbon dioxide that accumulates in calcium carbonate deposits.

For this reason, housework and general cleaning should not be seen as something that needs to be done quickly. You can’t do anything with lime, even if you clean it every day it will arrive . To beat it you don’t need to go to the supermarket to buy chemical detergents since you can then eliminate it with natural ingredients and in addition to saving money you will also help the environment.

Here’s how to clean limescale taps

To have a clean, shiny and lime-free faucet you don’t need baking soda as you might think. In fact, combined with vinegar and hot water, baking soda is very effective. But many people do not like the strong smell of vinegar and that is why there are other methods and here we propose an alternative.


You would never imagine that vodka is a remedy for limescale. Simply moisten a soft cloth with vodka and leave it wrapped around the faucet. Leave it there for at least an hour and then simply rinse and dry with a dry cloth.

Other remedies to remove limescale

Let’s also see how to remove limescale with more traditional methods, this is what you will need:

  • Vinegar : in addition to being useful in many household tasks, it also helps remove limescale. Simply pour it into a bowl of water and then take a soft sponge and with its help distribute it on the affected areas. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.
    However, if you need to clean grills or shower heads, leave them submerged in the sink overnight.
    Vinegar is also excellent for removing limescale from today’s iron and washing machine, and all you have to do is put it in the tank or drum and let it reach high temperatures or start a wash at around 60°.
inlays of lime
  • Baking soda : can be used alone or together with lemon. In the bathroom, for example, you can use it alone and simply place it on the walls of the toilet and leave it on overnight. The next morning simply scrub with the brush and rinse.
    For the sink, however, it will be better if combined with lemon, simply rub the lemon and then pour the baking soda on top, let it sit and then rinse.
  • Citric acid : simply dissolve it in water and apply it to the areas to be treated with a sponge. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rub, rinse and dry. However, be careful not to use them on surfaces such as marble and wood.
  • Tomatoes or cucumbers : just cut one of these two vegetables in half and rub it on the lime crusted area. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse. The acidity of the tomato and cucumber will act