Tartar in the bathroom, how to get rid of it: Use this effective natural remedy

Only then can you easily remove limescale deposits from the toilet. It is a natural and infallible remedy, let’s explore it together.

Limescale deposits in the bathroom
The bathroom is heavily exposed to the well-known consequences of standing water. Limescale, deposits and deposits make the bottom of the toilet visibly dirty and yellowish. It constantly gets dirty, after a few days the cleaning progress is lost and it turns yellow again. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to maintain pure white. We invest money and time in searching for commercially available descalers. These are very expensive cleaning products (especially in times of high cost of living) and are never completely effective. In addition, they are rich in aggressive and harmful chemical substances and usually give off unpleasant smells.

They are harmful to us and the environment: prolonged inhalation can be harmful, while the emission of these substances into the environment is harmful. Chemical and toxic substances make no concessions to nature. That’s why it’s good to know an alternative method to remove tartar and limescale from the toilet. A method that requires only completely safe and natural ingredients. Below we will show you step by step how to easily fix this.

Anti-tartar remedy, here is the best way to get rid of it
If, after much effort, you have noticed that the yellow stains show no signs of disappearing from your home’s toilet, it is time to change your strategy. You can say goodbye to cleaning products and chemicals, all you need are natural products. The advantage is that limescale formation is significantly slower; these products delay the formation of limescale.

For those who do not have much time to continue cleaning the house, it is the best method, quick, effective and with a lasting effect. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or look for hard-to-find products: just open the pantry.

Get rid of tartar in the bathroom
We are talking about two products that are still considered excellent allies in household cleaning and are extremely versatile: baking soda and white wine vinegar . Two completely natural and very affordable products that can revolutionize home cleaning for the better. Sometimes we look too far to find what we need, not knowing that it is closer than we think.

In addition to being an excellent culinary ingredient, white wine vinegar is a sensational degreaser and disinfectant that can neutralize all bad smells. It not only disinfects your toilet but also eliminates unpleasant odors. Baking soda is a panacea for our health for stomach problems and an excellent disinfectant. Its effervescent action will undoubtedly help descale the bottom of the toilet.

Now that we know the necessary ingredients and their properties, let’s see how we can put them into practice.

Get rid of tartar in the bathroom
Baking soda and white vinegar: If you use them like this, you’ll never go back to them again
We discovered that we can descale our toilet and remove stains with just a few euros . Our allies will be white wine vinegar and baking soda, versatile and useful products in many ways. Thanks to your help we will make our toilet shiny and white, and it’s very easy. All you need to do is pour about half a liter of vinegar (500 ml) into the toilet. With the help of a clean toilet brush we must vigorously scrape the floor and all the walls of the toilet that are more yellow and dirty. Then we have to let the vinegar act for at least a full minute. After 60 seconds we can continue adding the baking powder.

You will need about 150 grams of baking soda and you will need to pour it into the cup. After this step we take our vinegar again and add another 500 ml. The reaction will be foamy and bubbling: all incrustations will come off as if by magic. All impurities disappear.

vinegar and baking soda
You should leave it on for at least 10 minutes , then spread the foam everywhere again with the brush and scrub well. It would be a good idea to leave the vinegar and baking soda solution on for a maximum of 30 minutes and brush again a little until the tartar appears to have disappeared.

This makes sense for heavy incrustations that have been present for a long time, but with regular care the effort is even less. Even if only white vinegar is used , but only if the situation is not too “serious”.