Thanks to this ingenious trick, the tiles in the bathroom become a real mirror

The tiles in the bathroom of your home are dirty, with spots and streaks: thanks to this trick you can always have shiny tiles!

One of the household chores that we often skip is cleaning the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. It is a dirty job, but of course someone has to ensure that the environment always remains clean and disinfected, but above all that your health or that of your family is not compromised in any way.

As you know, the bathroom is one of the rooms in the house with the highest amount of germs and bacteria , which is why it is important that you always keep the tiles clean. It will be really easy, and thanks to this foolproof trick it will be even easier. In this way you avoid using chemicals and cleaning products that would further damage the ecosystem, pollute but above all not solve the situation.

Thanks to this miracle trick, you will always have shiny bathroom tiles!
It is inevitable that bathroom tiles will get dirty, but if you clean them regularly and put this trick into practice, fortunately you can always have them clean, shiny and, above all, disinfected.

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Since time is always short and the products sold on the market often do not produce the desired effect, you can make a universal natural degreaser at home that you can use not only for cleaning and polishing tiles and for completing various tasks around the house.


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This universal degreaser is quick and easy to prepare, but above all the products that you can very well find in your home. First you need a previously washed, dried spray bottle and a funnel. In the bottle you need to add 650 ml of hydrogen peroxide , 25 ml of alcohol , 25 ml of white vinegar and a few tablespoons of baking soda .

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Before use, shake the product well and spray it on the tiles, removing it with a soft microfiber cloth specifically designed for tiles . It is also true that you know that the different products have a specific function: baking soda is a powerful whitening agent , for this reason it makes the tiles shine again. Vinegar, on the other hand, is suitable for easily removing limescale deposits .

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Alcohol disinfects, disinfects and eliminates any bacteria or germs that are on the various tiles. Hydrogen peroxide is recommended for thorough cleaning of tiles and tile joints . The trick is very simple: it consists of passing a fringed broom over all the tiles using the up and down technique . You will notice the difference immediately and once they dry they will appear as bright as crystal!