That’s why everyone puts ketchup on the doorknob

Many people put ketchup on the doorknob. Here’s why they do this.

On our tables, we often find foods that come directly from cultures other than Italian and that, although not entirely healthy, have become true standards of our dinners and lunches.

One of them, derived directly from American culture and that has delighted the palates of diners, especially teenagers and children, for many years is ketchup, which can be found   in   tubes or jars.

Ketchup: that’s why so many people put it on their doorknobs

This food is nothing more than a   sweet and sour sauce   that is usually used to accompany   French fries   or other fast food products such as   hamburgers   or other fried products.

Originally its origin is Asian and derived from Malay cuisine and the recipe was completely different from the one we know today because it was based on fish and even today in Malay cuisine we find ketchups that do not involve the use of   tomatoes   .

In the recipe we know today, it landed in the   United States   in the 18th century when some cooks adapted the original recipe with the use of tomato, which is why today it is called tomato ketchup, to differentiate it from the others.

Ketchup: what it is for on the door handle

Precisely because of the invention of   ketchup   as we know it today, the birth of this product is attributed to the   USA   , whose most widespread recipe was created by Heinz, whose company still produces it in large quantities today.

Made with tomatoes, vinegar, spices and sugar, it can sometimes contain preservatives that, although harmless, should be taken with caution as they could cause long-term problems.

The homemade method

Although it is appreciated as a sauce and is still one of the most widespread with mayonnaise today, not everyone knows that this ingredient is a true ally for the home and especially for door handles   .

In our homes, in fact, there are   wooden door handles   dating back about twenty years and made of brass and often tend to darken and get dirty over time.

When removing the screws, you should take these handles and place them inside a saucer, then cover everything with tomato sauce   and   let it sit for a few minutes before continuing.

Ketchup: what it is for on the door handle

Then we take a sponge with detergent and rub vigorously and we will see how, the ketchup will have done its job and all the dirt and blackness will have disappeared from our door handles.

In fact, the composition of   ketchup   and the strong acidity that tomato and vinegar give it tend to eliminate stubborn dirt that forms on brass and can therefore be useful for this purpose.

In this way, not only will we have an ingredient that can add flavor to our dishes, but we will have saved on products to degrease our   sleeves,   which will be cleaned naturally.