That’s why you need to hang nylon thread around the balustrade

Hanging nylon twine around your balcony balustrade is a tip you would do well to adopt at this time of year. The winter season has not yet fully set in, and many of the inconveniences associated with the summer months still haunt us.

That is why it is necessary to hang nylon wire around the balustrade.

Autumn is always marked by the presence of undesirable insects and animals of all kinds that climb and settle on the balcony.

Among them, crows, seagulls, pigeons and parakeets. Seagulls, in particular, are nuisance birds that like to rummage through trash.

Green parakeets, on the other hand, travel in groups and especially like the tropical climate in which they live.

Not only do they have a great production capacity, but these birds release their excrement everywhere. However, this is not without consequences for our health, since these large spills can be a source of infections.

The noise these birds make is also an obstacle to living comfortably. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the most effective repellent tricks, without being harmful to the environment.

What exactly is nylon thread used for?

The idea of ​​hanging nylon thread is a visual repellent to discourage birds from approaching the balcony. To do this, a rope is tied to both ends of the balcony, at mid-height.

This barrier seems unbearable for the birds and even a real danger to them. You can also hang owl-shaped scarecrows to scare away birds.