That’s why you should never leave an empty charger in the socket

Often after charging the phone battery, we leave the charger plugged in empty. However, this is a mistake that is not without consequences. Find out why this harmful habit should be banned.
Certain actions are prohibited when handling the phone charger. This includes leaving the device plugged in when not in use. This habit can harm you and damage your device.

Leaving the charger plugged in and empty can be dangerous
Whether it’s a phone, tablet or computer charger, sometimes through unwillingness or omission we can leave them plugged in without actually using them. This is not without risks and therefore it is recommended to unplug a power strip if you do not want to unplug the charger.

– A connected charger when empty can cause a fire
This is especially the case if the charger is of poor quality or damaged. And for good reason: if the internal components are damaged, the risk of a short circuit or overheating increases. The transformer can cause a fire because the heat from the socket is not used. This is even more dangerous when flammable items are present. During thunderstorms or thunderstorms, it is recommended to unplug all devices to avoid creating a surge.

– Leaving your charger plugged in empty is a waste of energy that has a negative impact on the environment
If it is important to leave the charger unplugged so that it constantly drains, it is because this has a significant impact on the environment. And it’s not for nothing that permanently connecting 6 chargers corresponds to an annual consumption of 2.6 kWh.


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– If the charger is left plugged in and empty, there is a risk of premature damage
This habit, which is harmful to the environment and your safety, also harms this accessory. And for good reason, this has a significant impact on your life expectancy. Therefore, you have to replace it frequently and sometimes the cost of a charger can be high. For this reason, it is not recommended to charge your smartphone overnight as this can also damage the charger. To protect the battery, a charge level between 20 and 80% is recommended.

– The wireless charger consumes more than a traditional charger
One thing is certain: the wired charger requires certain precautions, especially charging when empty and unplugging it immediately after use. If you want to replace it with a wireless charger, that’s definitely a mistake. Although the risk of overheating at the grid level is eliminated, it consumes significantly more energy than its classic variant. As the newspaper Libération reports, induction charging would use between 30% and 56% more electricity than a traditional charger.

However, if you get used to leaving the charger plugged in, banishing it is definitely an unpleasant measure. This not only poses a risk of overheating, but also premature wear and tear on this everyday essential.