The 2 minute method for cleaning shutters and shutters

Here is  the 2 minute method to clean shutters and shutters  . The latter are  particularly annoying to clean due to the high level of dust  and dirt that accumulates over time. Fortunately, you can perform a quick cleanup using these methods.

The 2-minute method for cleaning roller blinds and shutters: what to do first?

Before the actual cleaning begins, the shutters must  first be dusted. Here’s how:

  • Use a stiff-bristled broom and scrub vigorously around the crevices of the shutters.
  • Dust from top to bottom  so that the dust gets to the floor and doesn’t get into the other parts of the shutters
  • If the flaps are heavily soiled, it is recommended to repeat the process

The 2-minute method for cleaning roller shutters

It is always advisable  to start with the flaps that appear dirtiest  . However, this task becomes easier if you have already dusted the shutters. How to clean roller shutters quickly:

  1. Pour hot water into a bucket and add one and a half glasses  of apple cider vinegar  or white vinegar
  2. Dip a microfiber cloth in it and squeeze it out  without letting all the water come out.
  3. Fold the cloth so that it is as thin as possible
  4. Slide it into the slots and gradually fold each section of the fabric until you catch all the dirt
  5. Rinse and wash the cracks
  6. To finish cleaning, pass  through a clean cloth

How do you clean the shutters quickly?

To give the shutters a second life, do the following:

  1. Bring a fine and small sponge
  2. Hole on the narrow side
  3. Insert the handle of a wooden ladle, being careful not to damage the sponge
  4. Place the sponge in a bucket of very hot water and half a glass  of white vinegar
  5. Gently squeeze the sponge and wipe away any cracks
  6. Wring out a cloth and wipe it clean to complete the cleaning


Have the reflex  to test the mixture on an invisible corner of the shutter  to avoid the risk of damage.