The 7 best houseplants that grow without sunlight

What better way to brighten your interior than plants! But when the light intensity in your interior is low, you wonder if it is possible to grow plants indoors! Know that there are houseplants that can survive with little sun. Discover a selection of 7 indoor plants that survive with little light.

Contrary to popular belief, not all plants necessarily need light to survive. Some plants can live in an artificially lit universe such as cellars or bathrooms. For gardening enthusiasts and green plant lovers, we have listed 7 plants that can brighten up your dark interiors.

What are 7 houseplants that can survive in low light conditions?

  1. The Philodendron

Part of the Araceae family and native to Central and South America, the philodendron is an evergreen perennial plant, ideal for indoor living. Since it does not need to be placed in a sunny room, care must still be taken to always moisten the soil slightly to ensure a constant water supply.

  1. Maidenhair fern
maidenhair fern

Maidenhair ferns have fan-shaped leaves. Being plants that grow on rocky walls or between rocky cracks, maidenhair fern are the most appreciated and loved indoor plants, and do not require exposure to direct sunlight. Not to mention, they grow relatively slowly, taking up to three long years to reach adult size.

  1. Boston fern
Boston fern1

The Boston Fern fears the sun which could   burn its leaves  . Appreciate a soft light that makes it an ideal partner in your dark and dimly lit interiors. However, you need to take care of it if you want your cohabitation to be a great success. In fact, the Boston fern requires repotting every year in March in a larger pot than the previous one. Use a mixture of potting soil and heather loam, adding compost to benefit your plants.

  1. Calathea

Native to Peru and Ecuador, Calathea is an indoor plant that brings liveliness and enhances your interior thanks to its magnificent foliage. And much to say that you will have the choice given the multitude of varieties that exist. Keep in mind, however, that while it is easy to maintain, one misstep can ruin your Calathea. In fact, it tolerates light but cannot tolerate direct exposure to the sun. Instead, opt for a place with little light and a temperature between 18° and 22°c. Finally, if you choose to purchase a Calathea, remember that it is necessary to carry out a fine misting of its foliage daily, even every other day, so that it maintains its elegance and natural color and avoids drying   out   .

  1. Maranta (Prayer Plant)

The arrowroot owes its name to the doctor and botanist Bartolomeo Maranta. Nicknamed the “prayer plant” due to its leaves that rise at nightfall, thus forming the illusion of the gesture of the hands during a prayer, this indoor plant is certainly one of the most aesthetic to sublimate your home or your apartment. Something to delight the eyes and mind without forgetting that it helps purify the air.

  1. Peperomia

Tropical plants definitely dominated this selection. Also from South America but not only! Peperomia also grows in the West Indies. In short, it particularly appreciates humid forests. But don’t worry, this plant of unparalleled beauty is able to survive in a less humid environment as long as it is not exposed to strong sunlight. Its flowering can occur throughout the year and delights us with its various and varied forms as well as its colors ranging from dark green to bright green passing through silvery green embellished with purple.

But what makes Peperomia perfect for your interior is its ease of cultivation without direct exposure to the sun.

  1. The orchid

This list would not be complete if we did not mention the Orchidaceae, commonly called Orchids. These flowering plants are ornamental plants that will amaze your guests. To hell with artificial plants. With naturally brightly colored flowers, orchids are particularly popular with botany enthusiasts. There is an extreme beauty and poetry in the way the colors blend seamlessly together. You will hear it in all the blogs of nature influencers who recommend buying an orchid to free your interior from its boring and sad side. You will find them both in nurseries and at your usual florist.

To conclude, this selection is clearly not exhaustive as there are many other plants that could suit your dark interior. It is not difficult   to care for these plants  . If you don’t have a green thumb, remember that direct exposure to the sun can be fatal and that it is important to always maintain moist soil for continuous hydration.