The chimney sweep’s tip to keep the fire burning all night long.

Are you having trouble keeping the fireplace running all night long? Whether it’s a fireplace or a stove fire, it’s not that easy to keep it going while you sleep!

No one wants to get up at night to feed it… So why do you have embers when you wake up the next morning?

Luckily, the chimney sweep came to my house the other day and told me his trick for keeping the fire going all night. The trick is to place the logs on a bed of embers and cover them with ash. See :

How do you

  1. Before going to bed, make sure you have a good bed with glowing embers.
  2. Place four logs of dense wood (e.g. oak) in the fireplace.
  3. Use the pliers to put them together so they are tight.
  4. Wait for the logs to start burning.
  5. Use the shovel to cover the logs with ash to prevent the wood from burning too quickly.


And thanks to this grandmother’s trick, your fire will burn all night long🙂

Simple, quick and effective, right? Now you know how to make your fire last a very long time.

You go to bed peacefully. And a nice surprise in the morning!

You still have nice embers in the fireplace. Now it’s much easier to start a new breakout for the day. The house is heated. There is no need to turn on the heater at night to maintain the correct temperature.

This saves a lot of energy!

Additional tips for keeping the fire going throughout the night
– For this tip to work, the temperature of the fire must remain above 250°C. And to achieve this, you must maintain your fire by gradually replenishing it with dry wood. This creates a beautiful glow.

– If you load the fireplace or stove with logs, make sure that you choose logs that are as even as possible and approximately the same size. – You then need to place them close together. The goal is to form a homogeneous block. – Cover them with ash by closing the holes between the logs.

– To make it easier to collect the ashes, it is best to put some aside when emptying the fireplace in the morning. Your turn… Have you tried this simple trick to keep the fireplace burning at night? Tell us in the comments if it was effective for you. We look forward to reading you!