The Japanese tip for drying laundry quickly in winter

The Japanese tip for drying laundry quickly in winter

Winter presents a particular challenge for drying laundry. With drying times lasting several hours or even a full day, increased humidity can lead to problems with mold growth. Fortunately, there are simple and effective tips to speed up this process and maintain a healthy environment at home.

The Japanese method for effective drying

The Japanese method of  drying laundry  is a simple but ingenious technique that maximizes drying efficiency. Follow these steps to adopt this method and make your drying routine a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

Key Steps of the Japanese Method

  1. Pre-Sorting of Clothes:

Before you begin, sort your clothes by size and weight. Separate bulky items from lighter, delicate ones.

  1. Strategic Arrangement on the Dryer:
  • Bulky Items: Place heavier, bulkier clothes, such as jeans and towels, at the ends of the dryer. This promotes better stability of the structure.
  • Smaller and Delicate Fabrics: Arrange lighter, delicate items, such as underwear and shirts, in the center. This allows uniform exposure to ambient air.
  1. Airflow Layout Adjustment:

Be sure to leave space between each item of clothing. This improves air circulation around the fabrics and speeds up drying.
Avoid overloading the dryer to ensure adequate ventilation.

  1. Orientation of the Dryer:

If possible, point the dryer in a direction where air flows naturally, such as near a window.

Arrange the laundry on a drying rack

Additional Tips for Optimal Drying

  1. Using hangers for certain clothes:

For shirts, dresses and other  clothes  that are prone to wrinkles, use hangers. This helps maintain their shape and reduces the need for ironing.

  1. Alternation of positions:

If drying takes several hours, change the position of the clothes halfway through to ensure even drying.

  1. Avoid direct exposure to the sun for certain fabrics:

Be careful not to expose delicate or brightly colored fabrics directly to sunlight to avoid fading.

Tips for speeding up drying

Maximize Spin

  •  Machine Setting  : In fall and winter, opt for a faster spin speed.
  • Beware of Delicate Fabrics: Reduce speed for delicate fabrics like shirts or blankets.

Other Tips for Quick Drying

  • Placement Near a Radiator: Position your dryer near a heat source and rotate it every two hours. (Be sure to open the windows to avoid the appearance of mold)
  • Using a Hair Dryer: For ultra-fast drying, use a hair dryer, making sure to distribute the heat evenly.
  • Shake Clothes Before Hanging: This action removes excess water and relaxes fabrics, reducing the need for ironing.

By following these tips, you get the most out of the Japanese method of drying, thereby reducing drying time and improving the overall efficiency of your washing routine. This approach, in addition to being practical, also contributes to the longevity of your clothes.