The milk flows immediately: if you put this ingredient in it, it is enough for the whole month

What if the milk comes out immediately so you don’t have to throw it away? Don’t worry, just add one ingredient and it will keep for the whole month. Let’s find out what ingredient that will help you keep milk longer.

Milk is a nutritious food that should never be missing at home, especially when there are children. Good conservation is the right solution to give the little one milk in perfect condition, containing all the necessary nutrients to guarantee correct and healthy growth. Improper storage of milk endangers the health of adults and children, so great care must be taken where the milk is stored.

In addition, there is a little-known but very effective trick to keep milk longer. It’s all about the trick of salt, an ingredient you’ve probably never thought of, but instead has the ability to extend the shelf life of milk once it’s been opened.

So, if you drink a lot of milk, or if milk is an ever-present family food anyway, you can use this trick to avoid having to throw the milk away after opening it. The economy is guaranteed and you will drink good milk for a long time, longer than usual, after opening it. Let’s discover the trick of salt and tips for storing milk properly!

How to store it correctly
If sterilized UHT milk has not yet been opened, you can store it for up to three months at room temperature in a dry place. If the milk is pasteurized, it should be stored in the refrigerator and usually has a best-before date of 15 to 20 days.

expired milk
To keep it fresh as long as possible, leave it in its original container and place it away from other smelly foods, otherwise, you risk altering its taste.

To keep it as long as possible, you can also freeze it, but this may alter its taste and quality.

How to store milk after opening
Storing milk properly and avoiding throwing it away is definitely an important way to save money. The high cost, especially in recent times, has prompted many families to develop systems to store it for a long time and avoid having to throw it away when it expires.

First of all, you have to know what to do to keep the milk longer after opening. It is recommended to leave it in a place at room temperature when it is still closed, especially if it is UHT sterilized milk.

Bottles of milk
After opening, it is best to keep the milk in the refrigerator, otherwise it becomes acidic and can no longer be consumed. After opening, it should be stored between 0°C and 4°C in the coldest part of the refrigerator. You should also avoid placing it in the refrigerator door and keep it away from other smelly foods.

Tip to keep milk longer
Did you know that there is also a tip to keep milk longer after opening? Just add a pinch of salt to preserve it after opening it and consume it for a long time.

This will avoid wasting milk and make substantial savings. But how do you add salt to milk? It’s simple, you can add a pinch to the bottle to double the storage time. In no case will you feel the taste of salt in the milk, which will not change?

Salt is an antimicrobial agent and has the ability to disrupt the growth of bacteria. In addition, thanks to its ability to absorb and retain moisture, salt helps preserve perishable foods such as meat or fish.

Now that you know how to store the product after opening it and know all the tricks not to throw it away, you can keep it longer and save a lot of money. However, you should always pay attention to the expiry date, it is advisable not to exceed it.

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