The most effective 2-component mosquito trap

The insecticides made us forget the effectiveness of the trap in certain cases.

 A natural trick to evacuate mosquitoes

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 You know you need it already, it’s time, right?

  It’s time to get rid of all the pests that are ruining your long-awaited vacation.

Cockroaches, flies, but especially mosquitoes and their incessant desire to bite you all day long. Say goodbye to them and to toxic products too!

mosquito trap:

 You need:

-syrup (a glass of water with 1/4 sugar, boiled over low heat and cooled)

– baker’s yeast (a little)

Let’s move on to the stages of preparing the famous mosquito trap:

– Take a plastic bottle and cut it in half

– Pour the syrup into the bottom of the bottle

– Add unmixed yeast

-Put the other side upside down and secure with tape

Recommendations for use:

We also recommend some other tips for using this classic trap, so effective against insects

-Use as much as you want as needed 

– Put it in the corners of your room and also outside

– also works on flies and ants

– Change the syrup every week and wash the bottle well

An ecological and responsible gesture for the planet.

In addition, it costs you almost nothing because you already have everything in your kitchen.

  Catching them and then getting rid of them is a lot smarter than intoxicating yourself with chemicals all day

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