The most effective trick to keep mosquitoes away from the balcony

Who doesn’t like, in warm weather, to spend evenings on the balcony? Maybe, if spacious enough, even set up a table and eat. Spoiling these pleasant plans are always them, the ubiquitous and annoying mosquitoes.

There are many methods to keep mosquitoes away, from repellents to be applied to the skin to chemical sprays, even electronic devices. Few people know, however, that all it takes to greet mosquitoes forever is one natural ingredient, coffee.

The aroma of coffee, in fact, is unbearable for some insects, including mosquitoes, which will therefore keep away from it. Below we explain various ways to use coffee to ward off mosquitoes.

Coffee spray

Prepare coffee as you normally do and mix it with an equal part of water. To increase the effect, add a little vinegar as well.

Pour it into a bottle equipped with a spray diffuser and spray the solution in the corners of the balcony, terrace or windows. This remedy will create an invisible barrier that will prevent the arrival of mosquitoes.

Coffee grounds

Save the coffee grounds and let them dry thoroughly. Then place them in a saucer covered with foil and, using a lighter or match, set the coffee on fire, being very careful not to burn yourself.

Carry out the operation in a safe place to avoid possible accidents.

Obviously, the coffee will not generate a flame, but plenty of smoke, and it is the latter that will keep mosquitoes away.

In stagnant water

Mosquitoes breed in areas where stagnant water is present, such as the saucers of our plants.

Put coffee grounds in places where stagnant water is present to give mosquito larvae less chance to develop. Also, mosquito eggs are attracted to the water surface and deprived of oxygen by coffee grounds, so they will die.

On plant soil

Spread coffee grounds on the surface of plant potting soil. Besides having a fertilizing action, it will protect the plants from ants and other insects.

Coffee grounds will also help keep mosquitoes away.