The natural ingredient that removes dull stains from glasses instantly

When you’re dealing with dozens of household chores, the dull limescale stains that form on glasses probably have a low priority. Yet they are really annoying.

What if we told you that they can be removed quickly and without using chemicals? In this article we suggest how to remove opaque stains from glasses in no time.

These types of stains form on glasses, especially when we wash them in the dishwasher, due to the limescale in the water. Excessive detergent can contribute to making the stains worse.

Before you buy new glasses, try applying the following method to make them shine like they did when they were new.

To remove dull stains from glasses you need nothing more than the element that has now become essential in household cleaning: white vinegar.

Not only is it used to disinfect surfaces, but it is also very useful for removing lime residue from glass surfaces, such as those of our glasses.

Putting the remedy into practice is really simple: fill a container with white vinegar and soak the glasses (or any other glass object) in it for about 30 minutes.

Finally, wash normally and dry with a cloth: the dull stains will be gone and the glasses will have returned to their original shine.