The perfect tips for removing mold from the shower

Mold growth in the shower is a common problem, but one that can be easily solved to make the bathroom more inviting. If you too have encountered these black corners, don’t worry! There are very effective natural solutions that remove the most stubborn dirt in no time. Let’s see together how to eliminate mold that forms in the shower using some tips that will surprise you and that you can always have at hand!

The cotton wool method
The first method that we will see together involves the use of cotton wool and is one of the most effective out there!

To use this trick, you will need cotton wool and hydrogen peroxide. The latter is perfect for removing stains in the bathroom, such as mold.

Start by soaking a piece of cotton wool in a small bowl filled with hydrogen peroxide, then apply the cotton wool to the mold and let it sit for about 45 minutes.

Once the required minutes have passed, remove the cotton and gently scrub with a non-abrasive sponge or toothbrush to remove mold, then rinse thoroughly.

Baking soda paste
Baking soda paste is an ecological and effective remedy against mold and is particularly economical.

To do this, mix just enough baking soda with a few drops of water to create a paste with the consistency of a gel.

Then apply this paste to the mold in the shower and leave it on for at least 30 to 40 minutes until it dries completely.

Then scrub with a brush or sponge and rinse well. Baking soda is a great odor absorber and also helps keep the shower fresh and moisture-free!

The vinegar
Vinegar can hardly be missing from our list of remedies for mold that forms in the shower.

In fact, this product is known for its cleaning properties and can effectively eliminate mold. To use, pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray directly in the shower.

Leave it on for at least two hours or overnight. Then scrub the mold with a toothbrush or sponge and rinse thoroughly.

Vinegar not only kills mold but also prevents it from recurring.

Do not use on marble or natural stone.


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lemon juice
Just like vinegar, lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that can help break down and kill mold.

This citrus fruit also has a wonderful scent, so you can freshen up your bathroom too!

Squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon directly onto the mold in the shower, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, then scrub with a brush or sponge.

Rinse thoroughly to remove mold residue and fresh lemon scent.

Do not use on marble or natural stone.

Seife in Marseille
Marseille soap is a natural cleaning agent that has long been used to solve a variety of household stain problems.

This way you can also put an end to mold in the shower.

Grate a bar of Marseille soap until it fills half a glass, dip a wet toothbrush into it and rub it directly on the mold.

This gentle but effective cleaner helps eliminate mold and clean shower surfaces.

citric acid
One of the most effective anti-limescale and anti-mold agents in the world of natural remedies is undoubtedly citric acid.

This is a very powerful anti-mold agent and to use it you need to mix 150 grams of citric acid in 1 liter of water in a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture on the affected areas and leave it overnight. The next day, scrub with a toothbrush or sponge and rinse well to remove any residue.

Citric acid is effective against mold and can easily be used in damp areas such as the shower.

Do not use on marble or natural stone.