The plumber used a trick to remove the dirt in the sink and bathtub

Clogged kitchen and bathroom sinks are a constant problem that almost everyone faces all the time.

Of course, you can also go to the store and buy special tools to clear the clogged drain.

But what to do if the problem occurs at the most inopportune moment and there is no way to run to the store?

I once called a plumber friend who was installing plumbing in my new apartment. He told me a simple trick with which you can easily clean the pipes of impurities.

We take ordinary vinegar, soda and a teapot.

Place a funnel over the drain and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Pour the vinegar down the drain. You can hear the reaction of soda and vinegar. The more baking soda and vinegar there is, the more efficiently the drain will be cleaned.

Wait for the reaction process to complete and fill the entire kettle with boiling water. It is possible that the reaction of soda with vinegar will begin again.

Now rinse with cold tap water and if nothing comes out, the water will drain quickly – so you’ve cleaned everything.

It’s so easy and no toxic chemicals. In this way you combat any contamination in the pipes.Article navigation