The radical tip to easily remove mold from your washing machine

The radical tip to easily remove mold from your washing machine

Having mold in your washing machine can be a frustrating and common problem for many people. This situation mainly arises from high humidity and inadequate ventilation in the washing area. You may be wondering how to effectively clean your washing machine from mold without investing too much time and effort. In this article, we will provide you with a simple method to get rid of mold and keep your washing machine clean.

Why Does Mold Appear in Your Washing Machine?

Before diving into the solution, it is essential to understand why mold is growing in your washing machine. Typically, it forms due to persistent humidity and lack of air circulation within the unit. Detergent residue, fabric scraps and dirt stuck in dark corners of the machine create an environment conducive to mold growth.

How to remove mold from your washing machine?

Follow these steps to  remove mold from your washing machine  :

  1. Opt for a wash program at the highest temperature available, preferably 90 degrees Celsius, to ensure maximum disinfection.
  2. Activate the longest wash cycle so the machine has enough time to clean thoroughly.
  3. Instead of the usual detergent, add bleach to the compartment provided for this purpose.
  4. When the water is fully heated and the drum is actively spinning, turn off the machine for a few hours. This will give the bleach time  to kill mold  and other bacteria.
  5. Restart the washing machine after the shutdown period and allow it to complete the wash cycle.
  6. Once the wash cycle is finished, pour white vinegar into the detergent compartment and run the machine in rinse mode.
  7. After rinsing, wipe all interior surfaces thoroughly with a dry cloth.


It is crucial to note that you should never mix bleach with vinegar at the same time. The combination of these products can cause potentially dangerous chemical reactions and damage certain components of your washing machine.

Although this method is very effective at  removing mold , it can leave a slight bleach odor. However, it’s worth having a clean, mold-free washing machine to ensure clean, fresh laundry every time you wash it.