The remedy for making towels that are now rough and hard soft again: 2 movements are enough

Tips to follow so that the towels are as soft as if they were used for the first time. It is simple, economical and also environmentally friendly.

Towels, how do you make them soft again? Even if they are old. Because it is known that a towel or bathrobe, if we have had it at home for a long time, tends to lose quality when touched. So that we can let our towels glide comfortably over us again, we can implement a few small but clever measures.

There are many ingredients that can be useful to us in this sense. Washing towels with one or more of the components listed below results in an improved, stain-free and disinfected effect.

What do we need to have softer, more fragrant and cleaner towels? We need to use the following:

white wine vinegar;
Citric acid;
Towels, what can we use to soften them again?
In what quantities? As for the sodium bicarbonate, we need three tablespoons of it, which we pour directly into the washing machine drum or detergent drawer before we start washing.



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For white vinegar you will need three or four tablespoons. It is excellent for restoring the elasticity of the fibers of our laundry, not just towels. To reduce the intense smell we can also add four or five drops of lemon essence to the washing machine.

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The same amount applies to citric acid, which acts as an excellent emollient. In terms of weight, the ideal amount of citric acid to put in the washing machine is 150 grams, mixed with a liter of water in which to dissolve it. Or we can use a few more spoons of liquid Marseille soap.