The right time to wash pillows to keep them fresh

Whether on the couch or in bed, pillows are essential rest accessories. Its function is not only as a bedding item, but also as a source of comfort. For this reason, pillows must always be kept clean and disinfected, since they are in contact with our face. So that these accessories do not represent a health hazard, it is important to do more than just wash the pillowcase. Remember to do a complete and thorough cleaning at the right time.

The right time to wash pillows to keep them fresh

How often you need to wash pillows depends on two main factors: how they are used and the material they are made of. However, you should always keep in mind that regular washing is necessary to remove dust, mites, germs and bacteria.

In the case of covers (pillowcases and covers), you should wash them once a week. This is the part that gets the most dirty, because it is in direct contact with hair and sweat.

Indoor cushions can be washed every 6 months, or more frequently if you sweat a lot, eat in bed, or live with pets. In this case, wash them 4 times a year. Apply the same rule to decorative pillows.

Wash the pillows well

You can wash the pillowcases with the sheets in the washing machine, using a 40 or 60 degree cycle. These are the washing techniques for pillows, depending on the filling material:

Hollow fibers with anti-mite and antibacterial properties can be machine washed at high temperature. However, opt for a gentle wash cycle and air dry.
For latex and memory foam pillows, machine wash the cover following label instructions.
For feather pillows, wash them in duo with less detergent. Opt for a cold wash cycle and dry them on a horizontal surface.
For natural pillows, opt for dry cleaning.
Lastly, polyester cushions should be washed in warm water with a mild detergent.