The salt in the toilet trick solves these problems that we all have

If you thought that a simple periodic and superficial cleaning of the toilet was enough to keep limescale, residues and bacteria away, you were sadly mistaken. This corner of our bathroom is one of the most prone to the accumulation of these and many other unwanted guests.

However, if you have tried everything to return the toilet to its original splendor , the trick we suggest below will certainly be for you.

Industrial cleaning products, the ones you buy at the supermarket, although effective, are full of chemicals that are harmful to your health, which also damage the skin of your hands and pollute.

The solution to remove dirt from the toilet and make it shine again is in the kitchen. It is a powerful ingredient, with well-known disinfectant properties, which is one of the most effective in this regard.

This DIY trick will make your life easier: Pour half a cup of salt down the toilet and wait about 3 hours.

This alone is enough to dissolve and eliminate most of the dirt. However, for even greater effectiveness, use a toilet brush to scrub the internal surfaces before flushing.

For more stubborn dirt and limescale, you can even leave the salt to act overnight.

Salt is also useful for cleaning the internal pipes of the toilet, preventing any blockages.