The secret button of the washing machine: This function saves time and ensures flawless laundry!

Unfortunately, not everyone has a dryer, luckily depending on where you live. This is particularly unfortunate in winter, because without this device you have to find other ways to dry laundry efficiently and quickly. However, this situation can also be seen as an opportunity to save money on your electricity bill. Fortunately, there is a way to dry your laundry perfectly without a dryer by using a specific function of the washing machine.

What is this button on the washing machine that allows you to dry your laundry?
Well, it’s probably the button you’re all thinking of: the rotary knob. The uniqueness lies in the way we use this feature that we all know. In reality, we are running a normal wash cycle as usual.

At the end of the wash cycle, it is necessary to open the door of the washing machine and insert a clean, dry terry towel into the drum of the machine. This towel should be rolled up similar to a sausage. Next, close the washing machine door and press the spin button, preferably at maximum speed.


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This means that the towel absorbs excess water when the laundry is spun. At the end of the spin cycle, the laundry is practically dry. This allows you to shorten the drying time on the clothesline while avoiding the risk of clothes remaining damp, not drying properly, giving off unpleasant odors or developing mold or bacteria.

In addition, this method saves money because it eliminates the need to use a dryer (although an additional spin cycle must be considered). It is also important that you always have a completely wet towel to dry later.