The secret to multiplying roses from a single branch

Are you looking for a secret that allows you to multiply roses from a simple branch? Here’s what you should do: You’ll be surprised!

The  rose  has always been considered the most loved and most purchased flower in the world. Symbol  par excellence  of love  , passion, but also of infidelity and forgiveness. Roses have been cultivated since ancient times to obtain  natural oils and decoctions  to combat psychophysical discomfort.

It will be really easy to grow roses at home, even if you are not familiar with gardening  and  your green thumb is not developed. Also, you may not know it, but recent studies have shown that gardening is good for your  health  , as it relaxes and relieves the body and mind from  stress  .

Multiplying roses with a branch: here is the infallible secret!

Tips for caring for roses
Vase of roses on the coffee table in the living room (

The first tip is always in the  position  of the roses which cannot be random, much less inserted all together, otherwise they would risk suffocation. The  stems  should be cut reaching a maximum of  20 cm in length  . It is also important to clean the stems of any impurities to avoid blockages from  infections  or parasites.

The  secret  to multiplying roses from a simple  branch  is really simple. The first step is to compose a vase composed of an  acidic mixture of earth and sand  . Reproducing a rose by cutting consists of taking a fragment of a branch  cut lengthwise  . At this point, place the rose in the ground and wait for the missing roots to regenerate over time, thus giving life to other  new specimens  .

After placing the  cuttings  , you can continue normal watering by placing the alder pots out of  direct sunlight  . The soil must always be moist, thus preventing branches and leaves from dehydrating. Don’t miss this fantastic guide on gardening and how to care for your roses comfortably at home! Lastly, avoid  standing water  but mist the water with a  spray pump  .

It is a true reproduction system that takes advantage  of the regenerative properties  of plants. Thanks to these useful tips, you can always have a hedge with attention to the smallest details! The ideal period to perform this foolproof trick is the  summer period  that runs from the beginning of  June  to the end of  August  as long as the  flowering period has ended  .