The trick of expert gardeners to grow strawberries in unlimited quantities at home

Everyone who wants to change their eating habits to increase their health capital knows that fruit and vegetables occupy an important place. Appreciated by adults and children, strawberries are juicy fruits, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Furthermore, they contain very little sugar and can be integrated into a slimming program. But to fully exploit the virtues of these vitamin bombs, it is preferable to opt for those that come from organic farming. And to save money and allow the whole family to enjoy a fun and educational activity, you can choose to plant strawberries at home. Spotlight on the steps for getting a significant amount of strawberries every day.

According to a study conducted by the Générations Futures association in 2013 and broadcast by   BFMTV  , if the strawberries sold in shops look particularly appetizing, they are still full of pesticides that are deposited there. By analyzing 49 samples of French and Spanish strawberries, the researchers discovered the presence of some pesticides known to disrupt the endocrine system in 90% of the fruits.

These frightening findings should bring collective awareness and encourage everyone to invest in organic products. In reality, there is nothing better than growing strawberries at home and taking care of the harvest daily to benefit from healthy and tasty products. In this sense, find out how to plant strawberries and get a significant amount of this fruit at home.

Choosing strawberries

There are two main varieties of strawberries: the reblooming strawberry and the non-reblooming strawberry.

– A recurring strawberry plant is a plant that produces strawberries several times during the same season, from June until the first frost. Production is generally high at the beginning of the season, then declines between July and August. This category allows you to consume fresh fruit throughout the summer.
– A non-reblooming strawberry plant offers abundant production that lasts 3 to 4 weeks, from June to August.

The ideal time to plant a strawberry plant

Picking strawberries in your own garden or in a pot and enjoying them with your family is a particularly pleasant moment. But before you can enjoy this feeling, you need to know the steps for planting strawberries. The choice of the     planting period is fundamental. For both reblooming and non-reblooming strawberries, planting must be carried out between August and October.

Strawberry plantation

Planting a strawberry plant requires rich, cool, fertile soil. Be sure to choose a sunny location to increase strawberry production. In   pots   or in the vegetable garden, here are the steps to follow to plant your strawberry plant.


– Choose a pot at least 20 centimeters in diameter with a hole in the bottom
– Place some gravel or clay pebbles in the bottom of the pot
– Fill the pot halfway with garden soil and add soil and sand to the remaining half.
– Place the root ball in the center of the pot
– Add some soil to fill the edge of the pot and press it with your hands to avoid air bubbles
– Place the pot in a sunny place in the house
– Drill a hole 5 millimeters deep into the soil , then sow 3 seeds there
– Cover them with a little potting soil, then water regularly with just a little water.

In the garden:

strawberry tree
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– Prepare your soil
by adding soil and compost

bucket of strawberries
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How to care for strawberries?

For a good harvest, regular maintenance of the plants is necessary. To do this it is essential to eliminate weeds as they appear, taking care not to damage the roots of the strawberry plants. At the end of the summer season, the stolons must also be removed so as not to damage the plant.

These long stems can be transplanted to another area to form a new plant. During autumn it is important to remove dry leaves. Furthermore, the strawberry plant requires sufficient and regular watering as the soil must never dry out. Finally, to increase strawberry production, an organic fertilizer can be used from the beginning of spring.