The trick of housewives to permanently eliminate bedbugs from the house

Bed bugs can be really annoying when they enter your home. Let’s see how to get rid of them effectively.  It is not difficult to find bedbugs at home, especially when it starts to get cold and you leave the windows open to ventilate the house.

Bedbugs in the house: why they enter

It is not difficult to find bed bugs in your home. These insects enter our homes especially when there are changes in temperature. In fact, through doors or windows that we have left open to let air in, they sneak inside to take shelter. An extended question, especially if you live near a park, a garden or the countryside. Among the most valid hiding places to take refuge, bedbugs also choose our clothes hanging to dry.

Bed bugs are not dangerous insects for our health. However, they could feed on plants. Also, when flying, they can become really annoying. Without forgetting that if we unfortunately crushed them, they would release a very annoying stench.

Fortunately, there is a method discovered by housewives that can permanently eliminate bed bugs from your home. We will describe it to you later and we are sure that once you try it, you will never put it down.


how to keep them away

First of all, we must identify if bed bugs are lurking in our home, nestled behind the curtains or in clothes hanging to dry. Precise control will allow us to avoid storing clothes with some bugs nesting inside. Cloths and curtains must be beaten well. The same control should also be done on vases and saucers but, we dare say that a precise control should also be done on ceiling lamps and chandeliers.

The first remedy to keep bed bugs away from clothing is to use perfumes and odors that may be unpleasant to them. For example, in the washing machine, you can rinse with white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil . When bed bugs try to nest in our laundry, the smell will deter them. This is the best way to keep brown bugs out of your freshly washed clothes.

If, on the other hand, we wanted to prevent bed bugs from entering our homes, then they could be placed on the balcony or window sill, near the entrance. Among the favorite plants is basil which can attract bed bugs and prevent them from entering.

bed bugs in the kitchen

bugs in the kitchen – If these tricks fail or you don’t have the opportunity to put them into practice, another trick is to check for drafts and cracks on the sides and under doors or windows. By blocking drafts, you will prevent bed bugs and other insects from entering your home. If you sprinkle baking soda or talcum powder on the surfaces that line the entrance to your house, you will have an extra trick.