The trick to insulating windows against the cold: It drastically reduces energy bills

Windows are essential furnishings in every home. However, they can also be responsible for heat loss in any room. Find out how to insulate them and save on energy costs.

Before the onset of winter, it is important to insulate your windows to prevent heat loss. Here’s how you can do this   with a cost-effective product  while reducing your energy costs.

What’s the trick you can use to insulate your windows and save money on your energy bill?

Condensation on windows in winter

To properly insulate the windows, there is an economical and effective way that consists of adding a simple thermal film or overglazing film. The latter not only reduces   your energy costs  , but also improves the thermal comfort of your home  .

This insulating film is simple and easy to install and consists of  a thin plastic film that effectively retains heat in the house   , thus reducing heating costs. It is particularly useful for single glazed windows. Before installation, it is advisable to clean the windows as you will need double-sided tape to ensure that the plastic film sticks well. Generally the tape comes with the insulating film. Then place   the adhesive tape all around the window frame and cut the film to the size that corresponds to the panes and windows . To apply it well, you can use a hair dryer to hold a few centimeters away from the plastic film, this will avoid wrinkles.

What other tips for insulating your windows in winter weather?

There are other tricks you can use to retain heat in your home and save money on your energy bills. Here are some of them:

Insulate windows with bubble wrap

Bubble wrap to insulate the window

Although this method may not seem so subtle, it is still effective in ensuring the insulation of your windows. To do this, prepare a small spray bottle filled with water and then spray your previously cleaned window. Then apply the   bubble wrap   to the wet surface   and secure the edges with tape  . This is to prevent heat loss. However, remember to buy a good quality adhesive tape so that it doesn’t come off when you apply the bubble wrap.

Seal cracks in your windows with putty

Applying putty to seal a window

The smallest crack in a window can bring fresh air into any room. To avoid this, remember to seal all your windows as best as possible  . To achieve this effectively, it is advisable to use putty. This will seal any cracks in your windows.

Install thermal curtains on your windows

Another way to insulate your windows is to install thermal curtains. In fact, their lining can block the cold air that might enter your home.  In addition   , they not only limit heat loss   but also add an aesthetic touch to your home. Don’t hesitate to adapt them to your interior. Also note that they effectively fulfill their role of insulation and cover all windows.

As you can see, insulating your windows can be easy and, above all, economical. This way you reduce the cost of your energy bill.