The trick to unclog pipes with a hanger in 2 minutes

If you have a clog in your sink and you don’t have the right tool to remove it, you don’t need to call a plumber. The solution is in your closets: with a simple object you can unclog it yourself. We show you how to do it.

There are many ways to discover a drain, but it is not always easy to determine which might be the most effective. However,    with a simple hanger you can say goodbye to clogged drains. Follow the guide!

sink drain

Sprinkler drainage – Source: spm

How to use a hanger to unclog drains?

In addition to being an economical technique, using the hanger can    give    satisfactory results    in just a few minutes. To use the technique effectively and safely, follow these steps:

metal hangers

Metal hangers – Source: spm

First, unroll the perch so you can pick up a rod    and leave the hook. This will be used to clear debris, hair, and anything blocking the pipe. Next, slide the metal rod into the drain   and carefully remove    any debris that you think is resisting the hanger. Be careful to carefully release them and then toss them into a container you have planned to place nearby. Finally, pour hot water down the drain to clear the clog.

This solution is not the only one that is effective. There are other ways to free the drain.

What other methods to unclog drains?

Before contacting a professional plumber, you can always try safe and natural methods that have often proven to be effective:

Dishwashing liquid for shower and toilet drains.

Let’s start with the gentlest, but no less effective method. Because dish soap can lubricate drains and break down waste, it is a great method for cleaning shower and toilet drains. To use, pour a glass of liquid detergent down the shower or toilet drain, followed by boiling water. To facilitate the process, you can use a suction cup.

Coca-Cola to unclog the drains.

A bottle of coke

A bottle of Coca-Cola – Source: spm

While white vinegar and baking soda are usually at the top of the list for drain clogs, Coca-Cola doesn’t get as much credit. However, this soft drink is still quite famous for its ability to unclog pipes and even clean toilets thanks to its acid content. To use this method, pour    a    2-liter bottle down the blocked drain and let it sit for an hour. Then you simply turn on the hot water from the tap to clean everything.

However, be careful when using this tip because    it is always best to use it on stubborn clogs.  Because while the acidity of soda is strong enough to clear gunk from pipes, sugar syrup can leave a sticky film. Thus, when faced with a small clogged sink, we will prefer gentler alternatives such as baking soda or white vinegar.

Unclog Drains with Baking Soda and White Vinegar

The slightly abrasive power of baking soda supplemented with white vinegar is often used to clean surfaces in our homes. It turns out that in this case you can also remove light blockages, especially those in the sink.

First, boiling water is poured into the pipe and then allowed to sit for a few minutes. Then, put half a glass of baking soda inside the blocked tube followed by a glass of hot water. Let the powder act on the causes of the blockage    and then pour a glass of white vinegar. Let the vinegar sit for an hour or more. It is best to let the product sit for as long as possible    to ensure the clog is removed.  Finally, run hot water from the tap to remove any residue. If the water still does not drain as it should, it is best to call a professional plumber.

These methods can often be enough to clear clogs. So don’t hesitate to use them.