These 2 ingredients are worth gold in the garden: very powerful fertilizer

For the vegetable garden and the garden, two excellent and powerful ingredients, creating the fertilizer used by professionals in the sector.

How often do you use  unnatural fertilizers  for plants, rich in preservatives and chemical agents? Professionals in the sector invite everyone who has plants to use only natural fertilizers. There are ingredients of daily and common use that can be useful to plants, thanks to the amount of properties and benefits they contain. Two ingredients in particular, if combined, can  become something powerful  for any type of plant.

What two ingredients should be used as fertilizer?

Nature offers a series of ingredients that should not only be used as food, but also to nourish the plants in the garden. Two ingredients in particular, when mixed together, help plants grow strong and healthy.

The first ingredient is eggshell, which should never be thrown into water. Few people know that they represent a very interesting source of calcium, useful for keeping all types of plants healthy. Simply let them dry in the sun then grind them to create eggshell flour. They are therefore ready to be used alone or in the company of another main ingredient.

eggshell fertilizer
Banana fertilizer

Powerful fertilizer with these natural ingredients

To create this  natural nutrient  to use for plants, follow these steps:

  • Dry the eggshells and blend them into a soft flour;
  • Boil the banana peels, leave to macerate for an hour then overnight.

Two solutions  are obtained, a liquid and a powder which must meet. Take the eggshell flour and put it in a container. Strain the liquid created with the banana peels and add it to the container, stirring until you have a single solution.

Plant fertilizer

The  three ingredients  created a nutrient substance, rich in vitamins and minerals for all plants. Wet the soil directly and repeat the operation every month.