These 3 exercises to do with a broom pole are the most effective for slimming your waist

There are simpler alternatives than you might think to reduce your waistline by a few centimetres . Not all exercises require enormous effort, and below we suggest some simple alternatives for which you only need one tool: a broom handle .

Before starting your training routine with a broomstick, remember to warm up your muscles. This is essential to avoid any type of injury and to optimize the results of the exercises.

Exercise #1 . Place the broomstick behind your back and grasp it with your hands, then turn your torso to both sides.

Perform 5 sets of 30 repetitions each. It is important to keep your abdomen contracted throughout the exercise.

Exercise #2 . Also in this case you need to put the broomstick behind your head and grab it with your hands. Perform lateral movements, bringing your elbows towards your sides.

Perform 5 sets of 30 repetitions each. Don’t forget that the abdominal muscles must always be contracted.

Exercise #3 . Starting from the same position, bring your torso forward until it forms an “L”, then return to the starting position.