These are the most resistant houseplants

In any home, plants add an extra touch . Creating a green corner inside your apartment has countless advantages, including the strong visual impact, representing a furnishing element with great aesthetics . Having plants in the rooms of our home brings color and freshness, making the spaces more well-kept and pleasant.

In addition to aesthetics, there is another important advantage of plants in the home which consists in their ability to purify the air , making our spaces healthier, given that they allow us to keep unpleasant mold at bay. They also mean that we can spend our days surrounded by nature and this makes us feel greater all-round well-being, increasing the sense of peace, good mood and productivity.

Given all these advantages, introducing plants into your home is always a good idea . If you are an enthusiast and have a green thumb you will certainly have no problems managing and selecting them, but it is different for those who are just starting out. In this case it is important, before learning how to take care of our plants, to select the best ones for interiors. Let’s see in detail the most resistant plants for our apartments .

The most resistant houseplants: what they are and their peculiarities

The most resistant houseplants
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A must-have plant to have at home, known for its beauty and resistance, is the Crassula, also famous as the dollar plant and therefore considered a lucky charm, whose appearance is reminiscent of that of bonsai: it is characterized by small and numerous leaves green, with an oval shape, and a massive stem. Very compact, it can live up to 100 years. If you are fascinated by this plant you should know that its number one enemy is frost. If we buy it for home it is necessary to place it near the window, to ensure that it is illuminated by the sun’s rays.

Another spectacular plant, perfect for our home, is the pothos appreciated for its aesthetics , which is reminiscent of tropical ivy, and for its resistance ( here we explain the techniques for having a beautiful one ). The advantage of this plant is that it grows very well even without too much light. Indeed, it is best not to expose it to direct sunlight and not to overwater its soil.

Other resistant house plants with which to furnish your home

In terms of houseplants, among the most resistant we find the sanseviera , also known as dracaena trifasciata, consisting of a strong succulent plant, which grows without the need for too much care, given that it does not require water even for weeks.

Then we have the ficus , appreciated for its vigorous appearance, and the monstera , adored for its features that recall a tropical atmosphere – thanks to its maxi leaves – catalyzing attention in any room and representing an original and impactful.