They all put 1 plate with vinegar and lemon on the windowsills – here’s why

Just place a plate with vinegar and lemon directly on the windowsill at home: that’s what happens. Everyone already does it.Natural ingredients  should never be missing at home, not only for the health of our body but also for some home methods. Once upon a time, there were no chemicals available with formulations of different types available and only natural ingredients found in the pantry were used. Vinegar and lemon  together represent an ancient and precious recipe, made available by grandparents: thanks to this we can overcome a  common and very annoying problem.

Vinegar and lemon, the method to overcome a common problem at home

As mentioned,  grandparents always used a mixture  created by mixing wine vinegar and lemon. These two natural products have extraordinary properties, from antifungal properties to disinfectant power.

These are two completely natural elements that have no contraindications and should not be used only as flavor enhancers in the kitchen. With all these benefits, at-home use is actually recommended, even for methods  you didn’t think were possible.

When the start of the year begins to offer a few warm days, we immediately think of the arrival of mosquitoes. There’s a real reason why everyone is starting to put vinegar and lemon directly  on their windowsills.

A natural, economical and certainly excellent method also for the intense fragrance of rooms at  any time of the day or night. Coming back to the topic of mosquitoes, these are normally averse to specially designed chemicals.


Obviously, it is never recommended to deal with these unnatural ingredients which can gradually become toxic to humans and our four-legged friends over time. Natural remedies must  also be exploited for their aroma  , precisely because not everyone likes it.

The pungent smell of vinegar and the acidic smell of lemon are not appreciated by mosquitoes, so if you place a  bowl with these two elements  on the windowsill you can thwart their arrival.

Once they smell the odor, they will quickly run away and not enter the house, even if it is crowded with people.

Mixture of vinegar and lemon against mosquitoes

Once we understand what these two miraculous ingredients are used for, let’s understand how mosquito repellent is prepared. Simply take a small bowl and pour in  some wine vinegar, preferably white.

Then, inside it is possible to put a  slice of lemon  or half a squeezed lemon. Mix and place on one of the window sills in the house, even better if on the one facing a garden or plants. Its aroma will spread throughout the rooms and will ward off the arrival of mosquitoes.

Lemon and vinegar

The mixture should be changed  once every three days  , so as not to lose the repellent effect.