This fragrant plant will make cockroaches and flies disappear in no time.

This plant works wonders. Just place it in the house and the flies and cockroaches will disappear immediately. That’s it: Run, buy and install in your home immediately.

Flies and cockroaches are really annoying and often invade the house. However, there is a way to get rid of it and that is completely natural. So forget about buying expensive specialized insecticides because this product is enough to permanently eliminate flies and cockroaches from your home.

Especially in summer when the heat sets in, flies, cockroaches and other insects come and we are always looking for ways to get rid of them. We can do it with natural products because there are some that really work, but today we are not going to use products and we are not going to mix them.


In fact, this method is very simple, since it is enough to place this plant at home to finally eliminate flies, cockroaches and other insects. You can also place it at the entrance of the door or on the windowsill. This is the facility for immediate operation and purchase. We’ll see which one comes next.

Here’s what plant you should buy to get rid of flies and cockroaches.

As I said, there is a plant that helps get rid of flies, cockroaches and other insects. It is a very aromatic plant that has many benefits, but above all it is useful in the kitchen: in addition to repelling insects, you can use it to enrich your dishes in the kitchen.

This is mint. It has many properties, including repelling insects such as flies and cockroaches. Its smell is very strong and is generally welcomed by humans but not by insects. This plant protects your home and keeps it away from insects.

planted with Menta

So you can use it at home to keep insects and fruit flies away in the kitchen, or at home or in the garden to keep mice away. You can place one or more plants in the place that seems best to you. For example, you can place one on the kitchen windowsill and another outside near the front door.

The mint plant is a cost-effective solution compared to expensive insecticides. In fact, purchasing and maintaining it alone solves the problem. In addition, it perfumes your rooms and, as we said, can be used in the kitchen, giving it a double use.

Other plants that repel insects

Mint isn’t the only plant that repels insects. In fact, there are others that have exactly the same function. If you don’t like the smell of mint, you can choose another one. Here are a few:

Basil: It is also a very popular plant in the kitchen and an excellent repellent against insects. Just place this plant on the windowsill at home and the smell will drive away insects, especially mosquitoes. You can also glide it over your skin and it will keep it away from your body too.

Lemongrass: It is known as a repellent against flies and mosquitoes. Candles or diffusers with this scent can often be found on the market, but a plant is just as effective.

Rosemary: The scent of this plant repels insects and can also be used in the kitchen. In this case, you can also place it wherever you want.